Navigating a career transition and securing a stable job in Hawaiʻi can be discouraging at the best of times. When COVID-19 struck and our local economy collapsed, it felt almost impossible. But ongoing efforts to rebuild our economy have created unique opportunities to strengthen our local workforce and support the growth of non-tourism-based industries and innovation sectors. This is only the beginning.


Empowering Hawaiʻi Through Aloha Connects Innovation

My name is Maddie Buresh, and I am one of the interns that was hired onto the Bizgenics Foundation team through Aloha Connects Innovation (ACI). COVID-19 hit Hawaiʻi hard. I was one of the many workers who lost my job as businesses struggled to stay afloat. When the pandemic turned things upside down, I knew that I wanted to redirect my career and become a part of the solution. I just didnʻt know how.

The turning point came when I discovered ACI, an initiative led by the Economic Development Alliance of Hawaiʻi (EDAH). Running through December 15, the program is funded by the CARES Act with the goal of upskilling and reskilling workers who were affected by COVID-19. Host Companies receive and mentor Participants with guidance from the Program Team and administrative assistance from ALTRES. And, as Participants, we are able to position ourselves well for successful new careers. It’s a win-win.


Embracing Opportunity With Bizgenics Foundation

I’ve been increasingly drawn to digital marketing and the concept of brand storytelling. But breaking into a marketing career hasn’t been easy. Many times, it felt like my skills and dynamic background got overshadowed by my lack of formal training. I just needed the chance to demonstrate my ability and build my confidence.

Bizgenics’ Digital Marketer position was exactly what I wanted. It was a potential opportunity to hone my skills and do work for a Hawaiʻi-based nonprofit that is actively engaged in our community through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship programs! I applied, interviewed, and waited.

When I opened my email and saw the job offer, I almost couldn’t believe it. I finally had a chance to move forward after months of uncertainty and persevering through job rejections. It was a promising step in the right direction.


The Start of Something Good

I officially started with Bizgenics on November 1, and I spent my first week getting oriented, meeting my team, and starting on several projects. I’m joined by a group of talented interns, and I have the support of a great supervisor and Marketing Team. There are many exciting things in store for the organization, and I can’t wait to dive in deeper.

Come follow along with me as I take this ACI journey and explore a new career field. Together we can create a sustainable future for Hawaiʻi’s economy and help each other thrive.


Learn more about Bizgenics Foundation and the various programs that I’m supporting during my ACI internship. And continue the journey with me as I go into my second, third, fourth, and fifth week.