ID8 (ide•ate), as in to have ideas, is the new name for Bizgenics, which underwent a revisioning this past year. The result is a new strategic plan that includes sweeping changes in the organization to now specialize in fostering ideation and expression to create positive impacts.

Ideation & Expression Defined

“Ideation” to us includes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, so we’re not throwing our baby out with the bath water. And “Expression” reflects our new programs in soundstage operations and film production while still including business presentation, pitching and financial forecasting/literacy programs. These new positions have been reflected in adjustments to our Vision Statement, Mission Statement, organization name, website names and program mix.

This new position also helps the fit of our new Project Shaka program that includes the documentary film “Shaka, A Story of Aloha,” projects that we are highly invested in as a way to change the world in unique and powerful ways. We believe that these programs will be cornerstone missions of good for our nonprofit, thus a new look at the organization and clear statements were in order.

You can view evidence of this Plan all over our official website here at, and most specifically at the page entitled About.