Huge mahalo to the La’ie community for bringing back the grand Hukilau from days past. Over that past months, planning was undertaken by La’ie Community Association to do the event in all it’s glory. The entire town came together with support by Polynesian Cultural Center, BYU-Hawaii, Hawaii Reserves, Inc. and Kamehameha Schools. We were also stoked to see some of our documentary sponsors at the event including Remedy Spa Hawaii, 88Tees and Kamehameha Schools.

More Shaka Stories

As one might expect, many more people volunteered stories and theories on the origin and meanings of the Shaka ~ from La’ie and beyond. References from Molokai, Hilo and Maui were also offered yesterday. We will leave no stone unturned in this quest for the Shaka. So if you have a story on it, please share.