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Tools to Activate Aloha

Project Shaka

Project Shaka began as a documentary, and grew into a series of Shaka-based programs including free stickers, school curriculumHawaii DMV license plates and a shaka monument. 

Hawaii State DMV Shaka License Plate


Documentary Film

“Shaka, A Story of Aloha”

Shaka, A Story of Aloha is a documentary on various origin and meaning stories of the Shaka gesture, offering philosophical solutions to the ills of today’s difficult times.

Many competing stories on the gesture’s lineage exist. In the absence of clear factual evidence, all credible versions will be presented. But more important than historical details, is how the gesture can be used to make paradises all around the world.

Shaka, A Story of Aloha will be be distributed as a feature length documentary film starting mid-2023. See the trailer at »

Hamana, Shaka, A Story of Aloha


ID8 Studios

ID8 Studios is a commercial soundstage at the Entrepreneurs Sandbox in Kaka’ako. The studio is a State-owned facility developed by HTDC, DBEDT & CID. Commercial and community users can book time with community orgs invited to apply for rental discounts.

ID8 Studios Digital Media Soundstage Bizgenics

Project Lemon Tree 

Ecology, Ag & Construction

Project Lemon Tree is a hands-on multi-disciplinary applied STEM program that combines ecological sustainability, agricultural science, building engineering, construction, maker innovation and entrepreneurship. Students design and build their own outdoor classroom, and literally reap the fruits of their labors.

PLT also offers a citrus tree adoption program. Hawai’i residents can participate in urban tree planting that may include Meyer Lemon, Lisbon Lemon, Tahitian Lime, Key Lime, Yuzu, Tangerine, Navel Orange, Tangelo & Jabon.

Culinary Entrepreneurship

Lemonade Alley

Lemonade Alley is a hands-on maker curriculum for teachers to implement in their own classrooms. Students, grade K-12, learn how to make lemonade and raise money for a charity or cause of their choice. Teacher’s guides and student workbooks available.

Financial Literacy Training

ID8 is the official nonprofit training organization for SumoSum financial forecasting software. SumoSum is useful as a financial literacy tool from middle school (13 years old & up). 

SumoSum Financial Forecasting & Literacy Software

Performing Arts

Hawai’i Comedy Festival

Hawaii Comedy Festival is an annual education conference on live sketch comedy, comedic videos, musical comedy, sketch writing, improv workshops and live music.

Story-Based Design Thinking

BizzyB Online Learning

BizzyB is an online innovation & entrepreneurial learning platform for students (ages 13 & up) that features a story-based approach to design thinking.

Students, parents, educators and employers collaborate on a platform that combines STEM curriculum, project-based learning and design-thinking in a format that fosters leadership, creativity, entrepreneurial mindset and other soft skills.