Fostering Ideation & Self-Expression to Create Positive Impacts


Tools to Activate Aloha

Project Shaka

Project Shaka began as a documentary film entitled, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha,” which grew into a series of programs that seek to share aloha through the Shaka. 

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Financial Literacy

SumoSum Training

ID8 is the official nonprofit training organization for visioning and financial forecasting software. SumoSum is useful as concept development, mentoring and financial forecasting platform. 

SumoSum Financial Forecasting & Literacy Software


Ideation & Self-Expression

ID8 offers “hands-on” project-based learning experiences in the form of DIY maker, hack and instructor-driven models. Some are free, others are workbook-style print materials available on Amazon.

Multiple Innovation PBL Curriculum

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Project Lemon Tree 

Ecology, Ag & Construction

Project Lemon Tree is a hands-on multi-disciplinary applied STEM program in which students design and build their own outdoor classroom and literally reap the fruits of their labors. PLT also offers a citrus tree purchasing program for residents and businesses.

Performing Arts

Hawai’i Comedy Festival

Hawaii Comedy Festival is an annual education conference on live sketch comedy, comedic videos, musical comedy, sketch writing, improv workshops and live music.

Story-Based Design Thinking

BizzyB Online Learning

BizzyB is an online innovation contest platform for students (ages 13 & up). Students, parents, educators and employers collaborate through project-based learning and design-thinking in a format that fosters leadership, creativity and entrepreneurial mindset.