May 4th, Board members Ryan Ozawa and Steve Sue, along with Steveʻs wife Karen, headed up to Anchorage for a cultural exchange event, courtesy Alaska Airlines, Pacific Community of Alaska and Vicinity to share aloha with Inuit, Samoan and Hawaiian people in Anchorage. The event featured multi-ethnic dance and a special test screening of “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.”

More in Common that Not

At the event, we discovered that despite almost opposite weather conditions from Hawai’i, Alaska shares the same grit to create something out of little and do it in a communal, supportive fashion. The strength of cooperation, collaboration and care for others to co-survive breeds the best in people. We look forward to future exchanges that reveal the essence of positive living.

Amazing Hospitality

We were treated to amazing Alaskan hospitality by our Vicinity host, CEO Justin Burgess, wife Shohreh and daughter Paloma. Justin cooked amazing meals including a biscuits and gravy that and loco-moco fan would adore, baked wild salmon (that he caught) dinners and smores at 10pm in broad Alaskan spring daylight.   We were also treated to a tour by PCAʻs Tafilisaunoa Toleafoa wher we saw mooses, fishing and blue ice glaciers.