It’s hard to believe that I’m already more than halfway through my time as a Bizgenics Digital Marketer intern through Aloha Connects Innovation. I’ve grown along the way, and the journey isn’t even over yet. I knew that I was joining a company founded on creativity and innovation, but I didn’t realize just how much I’d learn about those principles first-hand.


Overcoming Creative Blocks

As I navigate this career field and industry, I still encounter new challenges and new ways of thinking. In a job that requires me to constantly come up with engaging new ideas, I sometimes hit creative blocks. And I have to learn to overcome them and keep the wheels turning. Creative thinking isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

Well-executed ideas don’t start out polished and perfect. They require brainstorming, scribbling, and perseverance. When I come up empty, I have to create strategies to stay productive and keep the content flowing. Sometimes that looks like just closing my laptop, getting a notebook and pen, and writing down all the concepts that come to mind, even if they seem wild. 

It often requires thinking outside the box to come up with something great.


Inviting Collaboration

I also continue to see the importance of collaboration. As we come up with new ideas, we need to embrace a team mentality. My BizzyB FAQ page is successful because I have insight from others. My blog content is coming along because I’ve brainstormed with colleagues. And without my Marketing Team, I’d miss out on some great direction for our social media strategy.

As we make progress with our group project, I’m especially thankful to be on such a capable team. Cara, Jillian, and I have been working hard to set a good foundation, and now we’re figuring out how to put it into BizzyB’s collaborative framework. Bringing all the programs together under one social media strategy hasn’t been easy. It requires creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. But, as Cara said, “I have faith in us!”

So whether I’m coming up with blog content, creating an FAQ page, or helping to increase our social media presence, it’s good to know that there are others working toward the same big goals. We all have our strong points, and we all have our blindspots. It really does take a team to bring out the best in each other. 


Putting My Best Foot Forward

With that in mind, I’m continuing on this journey with my team. I don’t know what the road ahead holds, but I do know that we’re all constantly learning and growing. And I’m putting my best foot forward and looking toward a bright future.

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