The Aloha Connects Innovation program is nearly finished, but its impacts are only just beginning to show. Looking back on the past month, I can see how ACI was exactly the opportunity I needed. It’s gone by quickly, but I’m better off because of it. And I’m only one of many Participants.


Positioning Bizgenics for a Bright Future

As the ACI internship period comes to a close, we’re finishing up our projects and positioning Bizgenics for a bright future. Together we’ve laid the groundwork for consistent branding and successful marketing. There’s so much potential, and now we know what steps we need to take to reach it.

I’ve accomplished a lot with my individual projects. There have been many smaller projects, but I’ve mainly been focused on blogging and copywriting. I built a blog editorial calendar from scratch, strategized concepts, and created content. I also created an FAQ page for BizzyB and rewrote the website copy to be more clear and convincing.

But it’s our group project that feels like the biggest accomplishment. When the Marketing Team started creating a social media strategy for Bizgenics, I didn’t realize just how much time, thought, and teamwork it would entail. It’s been challenging to bring together all of our programs through social media and show people what Bizgenics is. We’ve had meetings, collaborated in BizzyB, and tossed around a lot of ideas. And it’s finally all coming together!


Seeing My Confidence Soar

When I started, the chance to dive headfirst into a full-time marketing position seemed like a dream come true, and in many ways it has been. I’ve seen my confidence soar as I’ve applied my skills and developed new ones. 

Working for such a multi-faceted nonprofit means that there are a lot of moving parts and different things that need to be done. It also means that there’s always opportunity to try new things and contribute to the organization’s success. And that’s where I thrive!

I’ve also made connections with others who are committed to seeing our local economy recover and thrive. It’s been such a privilege to better understand how different people’s passions and strengths can come together to create something great. Just like Bizgenics is made up of its programs, our community is made up of its many diverse members.


Taking the Next Steps Together

After ACI, I feel much better equipped to navigate this career field. I’ve had opportunity to shine, and I’ve discovered that I can do this and do it well. I can be part of the solution. I can play my small part in helping our local businesses to thrive.

Though there’s still uncertainty ahead, there’s also hope. ACI is just one step in the right direction, and there are many more steps ahead. So let’s connect with each other, combine our strengths, and move toward a stronger Hawaiʻi. Together.

It’s been such a privilege to share my ACI journey with you! You can follow it from the beginning as I share my first, second, third, and fourth week with Bizgenics.