Lemonade Alley Workshops Are Back!

Last year Lemonade Alley was as great as a tall glass of Lemonade on a hot day, but all great things can always be better! In the previous years of Lemonade Alley, we would host workshops with actual chefs and business owners to teach the keiki all about the industries. However, Lemonade Alley 2018 provided a different, accessible, and alternative way of teaching kids about business and culinary; our very own, BizzyB.com. While the reviews for the new methods of teaching were well received, we have decided that there is no school like the old school and brought back the Lemonade Stand 101 Workshops for all schools on Oahu!

Lemonade Stand 101 with Queen Liliuokalani Trust

Lemonade Alley Crew visits Queen Liliuokalani Trust to personally teach the students all about creating a successful lemonade stand, then it was off to races! Students came up with their own creative Lemonade Stand themes and WOW’d all the parents with their impressive, new-found Marketing knowledge!

If your School would like to participate in Lemonade Alley 2019, please visit LemonadeAlley.com. Available spaces are running out, so Sign Up ASAP!

If you would like Lemonade Stand 101 Workshops for Lemonade Alley 2019 at your School, please go to https://lemonadealley.com/contact.

Mahalo and see you on event day (April 20th, 2019)!