Almost 9 years ago, Bizgenics planted its first “Lemonade Alley Event” seed in the soils of Pearl Ridge Center. Over $70,000 raised for charity later, the once seedling of a program, has grown and branched out to Hilo, a neighboring Island!

Under the supervision of teacher, Leslie Walker, students from Waimea Elementary were taught more than just culinary and business skills through the program. They were taught good ethics and “It was about being together as a community and coming together as a school.”

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The Lemonade Neighborhoods

Hearing about Lemonade Alley reaching another island really excites Bizgenics for the future of the program. Eventually, the foundation would like to envision a state wide Lemonade Alley event, with the best teams from every school district in Hawaii participating. Bizgenics agrees with the students at Waimea Elementary, “they believe other schools ought to expand the program and bring lemonade and opportunities for entrepreneurship to their own students (” Could this be the start to the Foundation’s dreams coming true?

Anyways, that’s it for now! Remember, where ever there are lemons, theres an opportunity to make Lemonade!


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