Waialae Elementary Gives Lessons on Creating Lemon Tree Homes

Bizgenics Foundation learns how to design pots from Waialae Elementary’s best! Mr.Hervey’s 3rd grade class of expert painters and ornamental designers envision and create their Lemon Tree’s ideal potted homes. Each student was tasked with decorating their pot, naming their trees, and creating a title stake to claim ownership.

Responsibility and Ownership

When tasked with the new responsibilities of taking care of their very own lemon tree, the keiki faced the challenge head-on! With paint, stickers and other arts n’ craftables the keiki were able to illustrate their fantastic artistic expression through the PLT: Design-Thinking Lemon Tree Home workshops! 

Upon creating and naming their lemon trees, the students gain a sense of responsibility for the trees. Above and beyond, they will compete with each other to learn how to grow trees bigger and fastest!

Own your Lemon Trees Today!

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Sponsors a School

Project Lemon Tree is looking for sponsors to provide trees and curriculums for school across Hawaii. Sponsors donations will be honored with benefits as well. Please visit projectlemontree.com/sponsor for more info!