In Lemonade Alley 2018, team Lemonaid for Love won the “Gyotaku’s Choice Award.” Owner of Gyotaku, Tom Jones, gave the Lemonaid for Love girls the opportunity to have their famous “Pina Colada Limonada” lemonade recipe featured on the restaurants menu. Tom also wanted to help the girls out even more by generously donating $1 off the top each lemonade to a charity of Lemonaid for Love’s choice!

lemonaid for love holding $1000 check from gyotaku

Lemonaid for Love holding $1000 check from Gyotaku

Over the summer until October 31st, Gyotaku and and Lemonaid for Love raised over eight-hundred dollars! Above and Beyond, Gyotaku topped off the donation to make it a rounded one-thousand dollars donated to the Water4Life Charity! This charity will help hundred of people live better lives by providing new water wells in Nepal.

Throughout the years, Lemonaid for Love has been donating their earnings to Water4Life and has provided the funds for over 40 water wells now!

We love to see our event inspire relations and provide gifts that keep giving! Great on you both!