BizPitch Camp:

The BizGym Foundation Crew is winding up for its next big event coming up in November. Thanks to a grant from the super cool folks at HTDC, we present to you…”BizPitch Camp!”  Baseball season may be coming to an end, but we all know that business happens year-round and successful entrepreneurs need to be ready for anything that’s thrown at them!


“BizPitch Camp” focuses on the art of business pitching and has broken it down into 4 categories:

  • “Fast Ball” (Funding Pitch ~ to-the-point Inventor form)
  • “Change Up” (Selling Pitch ~ mind-changing Customer form)
  • “T-Ball” (Interview Pitch ~ simple-enough-for-a-kid media form)
  • “Screwball” (Marketing Pitch – eyeball grabber)

People choke on their pitches all the time!  Whether it’s too long, too boring, written for the wrong audience, etc.  We’ve all seen them..and it’s horrible to watch!  “BizPitch Camp” helps you stand confidently on the mound whether throwing to an investor, your target audience or the media.


Camp Details:

“BizPitch Camp” participants only need to come with BIG IDEAS! Participants will go through several rotations with some of the island’s top business mentors.

Don’t CHOKE on the mound! Join us at BizPitch Camp!