Last night I got out of my comfort zone and attended one of Kimee Balmilero’s amazing performance art classes, Twerk Your Brain. Kimee, Camp BizGym Director and professional actor, developed this 2-hour class designed for the adult attendee, particularly for businesspeople, to utilize basic improv techniques in their every day life.


Program Details

Started earlier this year, Twerk Your Brain is designed to give attendees the tools to better think on their feet using improv. As a young woman with a very demanding schedule (I haven’t been to the beach in weeks!!!), this could not have been a more perfect fit. I am constantly interacting with various people and making lots of decisions, based on too little information, too little time, and too many distractions; being light on my feet is essential! Not just for business either. Who doesn’t wish they would have thought of that snappy response in the moment!?  Full disclosure: I have never done improv. I was a bit terrified that I would be expected to be as good as those guys on Whose Line is it Anyways? Lucky for me, there were no performance expectations! The lessons were more like games; not at all terrifying. Additionally, I was curious to see how improv techniques would make help ME (I’m not an actress!). It definitely got my brain a-sweatin’ and I took home some very meaningful lessons. Namely, sometimes we know the answer but are apprehensive to reveal. Instead of blurting it out, we haw and hum, until the moment has passed. Twerk Your Brain provided me, personally, with tools that I will definitely use in my day-to-day. As a plus, Twerk Your Brain was held at ProtoHub! This brand new co-working place is one of the best I’ve seen; it is ENORMOUS, they have private rooms, plus really nice gathering areas, and regularly host impressive events (cough cough…Twerk Your Brain…cough cough).

 Twerk your Brain

More to Come!

Although this class was designed with the adult attendee in mind, these are definitely tools that are applicable to all ages. And fun! Might we see some opportunities for kids to take advantage of this?!? I think so! But just in case, email Kimee and let her know you’re interested 😉



Much Mahalo Kimee!

Lesley, BizGym Foundation ED