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Board Member Christina Whitney tells the story of CO2 into Lemon Trees.

Bizgenics Board Members Christian Whitney, Jennifer Sagon-Taeza and Ryan Ozawa along with Chairman Steve Sue presented a Project Lemon Tree CO2 game at Honolulu Zoo’s Earth Day event, Party for the Planet. Parents and kids were taught that lemon trees, of all cultivated plants are a top remover of CO2 from the air, storing carbon in trunks and underground. The Game: toss CO2 balls into a lemon on the tree to win a sticker. Both young and old participated, including City Councilwoman Radiant Cordero who won in just one toss!

Project Lemon Tree on School Campuses

Radiant Cordero, Project Lemon Tree | Bizgenics

Honolulu Councilwoman Radiant Cordero successfully deposits CO2 into Mr. Lemon Tree.

Project Lemon Tree is currently operating in 41 schools on 5 Hawaiian islands. Many of the schools have built pergolas (above head support structures to hold up lemon tree branches). Others have built trellises (vertical latices to tie lemon tree branches). Yet others have pot planted. Many have reported fruit in the first year of growth. All have reported having fun.

Lemon Tree Adoptions

Project Lemon Tree also offers residential and community adoption of Lemon Trees. A donation is recommended to help fund the school planting program. Over 500 trees were adopted last year and we are hoping for a bigger year in 2022 as we exit the Pandemic.

Mahalo Honolulu Zoo!

In the meantime, it was a glorious day at Honolulu Zoo. Mahalo to the Zoo for hosting the event and for Bizgenics Board Members volunteering to teach important lessons to our community.

Project Lemon Tree | Bizgenics

Steve Sue, Ryan Ozawa and Jennifer Sagon-Taeza ready for CO2 heroes to do their magic.