2023 Annual Report

ID8 (ide•ate), a Hawaiʻi 501C3 Nonprofit Organization


From the Chairperson

A Year of Re-Activation

ID8 Logo2023 has been a year of re-activation and evolution for ID8 thanks to the sunsetting of the COVID pandemic. Itʻs been a joy to actually connect with people in person and see faces rather than masks. And under our new mission of fostering ideation and self-expression to create positive change, weʻve found new energy in unique programs that support the community in unique ways. 

Positivity & Aloha

Under our new mission, weʻre obsessed with the positive, the possible and building a bright future, rather than miring in negativity or problem statements. As an entity of hope, inspiration and solutions, we believe in positivity as the friend of aloha.

A Refreshed Board

We also changed over much of our Board this year, bidding a fond aloha to those who have completed their service to ID8 and welcoming new Board members who bring ideas, commitment and energy. I’m thankful for an amazing 2023 and look forward to a equally successful 2024 as we work together to foster Ideas for Good.

With Aloha,

Steve Sue, Chairperson, ID8


Project Shaka 

Our documentary, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” continues in post-production with custom songs by Henry Kapono, recording at Island Sounds Studios, animation by Karen Brizendine and Ray Stanchfield and editing by our internal team.

Test screenings began in June and continue through April 2024. This is likely one of most highly-tested films ever as we wish to allow as many perspectives from all over Hawai’i as possible. Such testing has proven useful in both comments and additional content being contributed.

We’re still in need of finish funding and festival promotions so please consider supporting, see Sponsor » 

Island Sound Studios | Shaka, A Story of Aloha | ID8
La’ie Hukilau | Shaka, A Story of Aloha | ID8
Marcus Mariota at ID8 studios

ID8 Studios

In September, we completed our contract with the State of Hawai’i as the operator of the film and TV soundstage at the Entrepreneurs Sandbox in Kaka’ako, Honolulu. Weʻre very proud of creating a full-service studio for the State of Hawai’i from a mere sheetrock box.

Weʻre also proud to have completed a podcast series called “BTS@ID8,” a show on the art of producing art. The show was retired along with the studio.

Behind the Scenes at ID8 Studios BTS@ID8

Project Lemon Tree

PLT continued in a new form, preparing multi-fruit trees for auction sales in the future. See ProjectLemonTree.com »

Honolulu Zoo

"Bee-Friendly Garden" Project Lemon Tree at Honolulu Zoo

Curriculum Continues

Curriculum models continued sales on Amazon including Lemonade Alley which is no longer a live event for ID8 and instead, now implemented on campuses by teachers. Other titles include “Entrepreneur,” “App-prenuer,” “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) and a Shaka-based entrepreneur series for sticker, t-shirt and friendship jewelry. See Curriculum »

Lemonade Alley Sacred Hearts Academy

Hawaii Comedy Festival

Event Director Kimee Balmilero did a great job as usual in mounting HSF, the conference-style event that provides learning, performance and showcase opportunities for local writers, performers and artists.


A Lot with a Little

We’re a relatively small nonprofit. But we like to think we do a lot with a little. We accomplish this by maintaining a tight belt on expenditures. All Officers and Directors are volunteers and our office is donated by Chairperson Steve Sue. Our goal is to minimize overhead in order to maximize bottomline impacts.

We also actively seek to make our programs self-sustaining as social ventures. If you believe in the potential of our programs, please support us.

2023 Total Contributions

2023 Total Expenses


2023 Program Expense Percentage