Get free shaka stickers by pledging to live the Shaka lifestyle at Join the ohana and free stickers will be sent to you. Stickers are waterproof, thus ideal for car and store windows, boards, water bottles and electronic devices. Shaka stickers include an iconic white outline Shaka Pledge Logo sticker and a word cloud sticker with terms derived from Hawaiian elder interviews.

Learn About the Shaka

The Shaka Lifestyle is derived from Kupuna (Hawaiian elder) interviews taken during the making of “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.” In addition to meanings of aloha (hi/bye), mahalo (thank you) and hang loose, five key meanings include:

  1. FEAR NOT: Ideals of go for it, have faith and live large through qualities of being brave, optimistic and joyful.
  2. CONNECT: Ideals of connecting with nature, family and through with qualities of being humble, thankful and cooperative.
  3. NURTURE: Ideals of sustain, protect and do no harm through qualities of being kind, courteous and considerate.
  4. SERVE: Ideals of protecting people, planet and community through qualities of being self-less, caring and heroic.
  5. EXCEL: Ideals of achieving, being epic and being resourceful through qualities of being unbounded, resilient and resourceful.

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