As part of our outreach and our fundraising efforts, we are launching the Shaka Summit. This will be a thought leader visioning series on how to leverage the Shaka gesture to make Hawaiʻi and the world beyond a better place. The documentary’s storyline and it’s essential learnings have spurned many to action, thus this series seeks to coordinate and synergize interested parties to work together for the good of all.

Summit Series Format

The Shaka Summit Series are envisioned as seven Tuesday pau hana events from July through November 2021 held at the ID8 Studios. Each session will feature 15-20 key thinkers in 90-minute brainstorms on key Hawaiʻi issues such as tourism, business, surfing, and sustainability. Attendance is by Invitation Only. For Information on how to attend as a guest, contact us. Sessions will be taped and posted online for the public. 

Protecting Hawaiʻi Stories

The first event will be held on July 27, 2021. The theme is Protecting Hawaiʻi Stories. The Shaka is arguably Hawaiʻi’s most iconic story. Session topics include pono use of the Shaka and fostering “moʻolelo” to preserve Hawaiian history, legends, genealogy and traditions of the Hawaiian people.

For more information including descriptions of , visit the Shaka Summit Series page.