As a 30-minute educational documentary, “Shaka, the Power of Aloha” is intended as an inspiration piece to open minds and raise spirits. A 90-minute version many follow in the near future as the storyline and content captured are certainly rich enough to power a full feature. But our initial aim is to provide an icebreaker of good values and virtues, and couple that with a curriculum model.

Shaka Curriculum Model

The curriculum is envisioned as a variety of hands-on exercises designed to foster the positive application of Shaka values as documented in Kupuna (elder) interviews. The key values have been mapped a five key themes of Connection, Excellence, having No Fear, Serving and Nurturing. Sub-definitions and virtues underscore the meanings of the themes. The pictured Shaka Meaning Map was devised to serve as a roadmap to the curriculum model.

K-12, CSR & Other Applications

This curriculum is being written for K-12 however is completely usable by adults in higher education and corporations as CSR programs (They called “Corporate Social Responsibility” but prefer “Corporate Shaka Responsibility”). Our goal is to provide a tool kit for all kinds of individuals to think it forward for their communities and the world.