AMm9WHgfn8MqO0tNtPHs67IYKdLC2gQ67Y6Rp5s5kqk,bzZBDdBs6nUdh7YicHmTS0F-qwCFxAt3Xh5gXhG-7QgHuge mahalos to Caroline Kim, retiring Executive Director of the BizGym Foundation.

Caroline has been with BGF as a key contributor, volunteer and Lemon Crew committee member since the very inception of Lemonade Alley back in 2011. Nothing has been beneath her (we actually first met her tying bamboo at 5am under threat of rain the day before Lemonade Alley 2011) and she has always shined with enthusiasm, love and energy.

Caroline reports that she has a “Bucket List” of things to get done in her life now that Lemonade Alley and BGF are well-organized so decided to step down to let the next generation of Lemon Heads get their squeeze on.

Fortunately, Caroline is not leaving us entirely and is intending on staying on the Lemon Crew for coming events, so be sure to look out for her and ask her about that Bucket List!