PBN covers BizGym Foundation LaunchThanks to Jenna Blakely and PBN for covering our emerging story! We’re amped that folks show up to help spread the love.

Here’s an excerpt:
“Sue, the founder of BizGym, shares his passion for entrepreneurship through his booming nonprofit, Lemonade Alley, which teaches keiki how to start a business by building a booth, choosing a charity and selling lemonade in a one-day contest. He plans to expand the nonprofit, with help from national sponsors Capital One and Junior Achievement, to take it nationwide and establish Hawaii as the ‘epicenter for entrepreneurial learning.’

What inspired you to start this nonprofit?
We thought it would be great to teach the world how to do entrepreneurship on a one-day-competition basis using kids — kids teaching the world how…”

Read the article here: bizjournals.com