UPDATE: The Bizbuzz program concluded in 2019BizBuzz™ Lemonade Coffee Poster | BizGym Foundation

We’re excited to launch BizBuzz™ Lemonade Coffee, the entrepreneur’s drink that supports kidpreneur programs like Lemonade Alley. As a program, it’s a chance for coffee shops, bars, restaurants and event producers to make big bucks while giving back to the community.

Lemonade Coffee is a Real Thing

Now before you turn you nose up at lemonade and coffee, you should know that the drink has deep roots in Europe. And it’s been the craze on the East Coast for the past couple of summers. Then there’s the lemonade and tea drink known as the Arnold Palmer (RIP ~ we love you Arnie!). And now, BizBuzz takes the combination to new heights with a zesty lemon meringue top: we bill this drink as “lemonade and coffee in a cup!”

The Entrepreneur’s Drink

BizBuzz™ Lemonade Coffee was created on September 19, 2016 as a high-octane startup drink for entrepreneurs. The drink is formulated to fuel entrepreneurial business thinking and raise funding for Lemonade Alley. It’s also a metaphor for good business. The concept is zingy and zesty. It’s a unique combination. It balances sweet with sour. And it’s memorable and easy to talk about. Most of all, the end result delights and leaves customers wanting more.

[su_quote]Like lemon meringue and coffee in a cup…[/su_quote]

Look for BizBuzz Around Honolulu!

This recipe if being premiered at this year’s Children & Youth Day at the Hawaii State Capitol Lawn October 2, 2016. Our first BizBuzz™ Partner Island Brew, will be serving it up next to our Jamba Juice Partner in a Lemonade Alley tent… it’s screaming yellow so you won’t miss it! After that, look for it at Island Brew Coffee House locations, LUX Events like the upcoming Halloweird Extravaganza (featuring our BizBuzz™ Night cocktail version), Eat the Street, Pearlridge Center, Hawaii Food & Wine Festival’s Keiki in the Kitchen. We’ll blog about new locations as they come up, so stay tuned to make BizBuzz your zesty bestie!

Become a BizBuzz™ Partner

But the real zingy thingy in this drink is that the profit margin is so high that partnering food service operators can make a great profit margin AND support community programs like Lemonade Alley at the same time! That’s a WIN-WIN scenario and totally consistent with our BizGym Foundation mantra of “Profit to SHARE!” BizBuzz™ Partners gain access to a secret recipe to make and sell BizBuzz™ Lemonade Coffee in exchange for donating a portion of BizBuzz sales to BizGym Foundation.

Lemonade Alley | BizGym FoundationPartner donations support Lemonade Alley, the hands-on kidpreneur challenge where teams of kids invent a lemonade recipe, build a stand and see who can raise the most for the charity of their choice. BizzyB logo | BizGym FoundationThe program also supports BizzyB, a new project based learning platform that offers entrepreneurial biz adventure challenges to engage students and teach them how to be helpful and giving.

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