ID8 (ide • ate) is a Hawai’i 501C3 nonprofit that fosters ideation and expression to create positive impacts. » »

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Project Shaka

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Free Shaka Stickers

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Shaka Documentary Film

Preserving HI history. See »

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Shaka Monument

“Share a Shaka” Monuments »

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Ideation + Aloha

At ID8, we foster ideation and expression skills to create positive impacts through sharing the aloha spirit.

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ID8 Studios Digital Media Soundstage Bizgenics

Digital Media: ID8STUDIOS.ORG »

Project Lemon Tree | Bizgenics


SumoSum financial forecasting & literacy



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Ideation Curriculum

Fun ways to create, innovate & craft stories

Multiple Innovation PBL Curriculum

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The Future of Edtech

BizzyB Online is a first-of-its-kind online innovation & entrepreneurial learning platform. At the core of BizzyB is a story-based design-thinking system that empowers student teams and mentors to collaborate on the 5 Essential Themes of Innovation.

Built with over $1M in private funding, primarily from the Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation, BizzyB represents a new age in learning tools and experiences. See » »


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Organizations like this allow us to share aloha and be able to give back to our community.

Dawn Ige, Former First Lady of Hawai’i

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