Named Giving Opportunities

Only a handful of fortunate individuals savor the thrill of backing a hit musical on Broadway or enjoy the status of launching the career of a famous artist or musician. The time and the place have to be right. And not everyone has the vision to see potential greatness. Now, an even better opportunity is possible here in the islands for those who recognize the promise of Hawaiʻi’s artist and production community.

Financial supporters of the ID8 Studios will become the benefactors and nurturers for a new generation of Hawaiʻi artists, producers, and storytellers who will know how to navigate change in the future. They will meet the growing demand for creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial contributors in Hawaiʻi and around the world.

When you make it possible for new talent to shine, you do more than launch a new star. You make it possible for the rest of the world to see beyond the beaches and physical beauty of the islands and glimpse the distinctive talent of Hawaiʻi’s artists and production community and the stories of Hawaiʻi. All who participate in the development of ID8 Studios, rivaling any in Hawaiʻi, will feel justifiably proud. And the satisfaction can be enhanced by assuring their role in its creation will be recognized in perpetuity through several naming and branding opportunities. These include designating the name for each of the state-of-the-art studios, LED Wall, Lighting Grid, Open-Show Kitchen, and more.

Support Hawai‘i’s Production Art Community

Become a campaign partner and help us elevate Hawaiʻi artists. Named opportunities are for specific items within ID8 and include a solo logo placement on a dedicated clipboard on our Donor Wall. Supporter Levels are separate from Named Opportunities and are listed on multiple-recognition clipboards on our Donor Wall. In-kind donations may be accepted at the discretion of ID8 for these packages.

xR Virtual Stage $1,000,000
Event Patio $250,000
Soundstage $100,000
Green Room $75,000
Loading Door/Annex $75,000
Lighting Grid $40,000
Lighting Instruments $40,000
Sound Attenuation $40,000
Editing Suite (3 suites) $30,000 ea
Culinary Set $30,000
Power Distro $25,000
Platinum Level $50,000+
Gold Level $25,000+
Silver Level $10,000+
Bronze Level $5,000+
Friends $2,500+


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