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Behind-the-Scenes at ID8 StudiosAt BTS@ID8, We’re looking for you. Artists, craftspeople, designers, producers and anyone else that can enlighten on key “How To” topics of producing art in any medium. While we love to have above-the-line and noteworthy folks grace us with their knowledge, we equally welcome artisans and on-the-ground workers who can share the tricks of their trades. Everyone has a function and each person potentially has a better take on how to push the envelope of success. Got an idea for an awesome topic? Contact Us »

BTS@ID8 is a conversation, so don’t bring a deck or expect to make a speech. Each of the three 5-minute segments will go faster than you think. So keep it short and on point when answering your host’s questions. Show preparation items:

  1. Your Topic.
  2. Your Name & Title.
  3. Segment 1: 3 Top Tips on your topic [5-minutes]
  4. Segment 2: Key Trend on the topic [5-minutes]
  5. Segment 3: BTS story [5-minutes]
  6. Call-to-Action Link (where you want viewers/listeners to go for more about you and your work).

Feel free to use our Show Preparation Worksheet »

Guest Release: Prior to appearing, each guest must complete the form below: