2021 Annual Report

Bizgenics, a Hawaii-Based 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization

From the Chairman

2021: A Year to Remember

Myron Nakata | Bizgenics FoundationThis Annual Report begins with a moment of silence to recognize the contributions of one of our founders, Myron Nakata, 1955-2022. To me, Myron was a close friend and mentor. To the community, he was a leader, board member and donor. He was heroic and self-sacrificing. He was a great role model for all of us. We will miss Myron and vow with renewed vigor to serve our community as he would have us serve.

2021 marked the second year of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Bizgenics continuing to position our programs to best serve. In many ways we find that the Pandemic has moved the world closer to us as most people adopted technology such video conferencing. There’s a silver lining in every cloud.

Despite the pandemic, we had good traction in both participation and awareness of our programs, most specifically our Shaka documentary project and Project Lemon Tree. We also secured a major cash sponsorship that will book in 2022 to sustain “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.”

As always, I remain optimistic and thankful for all that we are given. Here’s to a terrific 2022. I look forward to serving with you.

With Aloha,

Steve Sue, Chairman, Bizgenics


Project Shaka

Our documentary project, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” grew into multiple initiatives now collectively known as PROJECT SHAKA. In addition to the film, Project Shaka includes a thought leader Shaka Summit, a Free Shaka Sticker program, a Hawaii State Vehicle License Plate program and Shaka curriculum. See ProjectShaka.com »

Key Metrics reported in a pro-bono omnibus survey conducted by Anthology Research included:

  • 91% of island residents don’t know where the Shaka came from.
  • 87% want to see a movie on the subject.
  • 11% of island residents know about “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.”
  • 24% of Hawaii’s primary movie-going audience, ages 20-35, know about the project.

35 Leaders appeared at Shaka Summit, a thought leader event dreamed up by First LAdy Dawn Ige. Learn more at  shakafilm.com/summit »
Thousands of free Shaka stickers were distributed in a new program suggested by Former First Lady Vicky Cayetano. Learn more at  projectshaka.com/stickers »
Shaka License Plate
Over 150 Car Owners signed up on a required waiting list for an application to create an official Hawaii State DMV nonprofit license plate. Learn more at  projectshaka.com/plates »
Shaka Curriculum

60 At-Risk Youth at the Youth Services Center, Honolulu, were treated to Shaka-themed innovation & entrepreneurship curriculum over a 4-month period for lemonade, t-shirt design, sticker design and friendship jewelry crafting. Curriculum was created by Bizgenics under grant from the Hawaii State Workforce Development Council and published on Amazon. See Shaka Curriculum »

Lemon Tree Adoptions

Over 200 citrus trees were adopted by Hawaii residents this year at a recommended $20/tree donation. These donations help defray the costs of school plantings. Locations of PLT trees can be seen on a digital map created this year: see ProjectLemonTree.com »

Project Lemon Tree
ID8 Studios Bizgenics
ID8 Studios

34 productions used the ID8 Stage to create digital media including film, tv, advertising, still photography, music videos and more. A new pipe grid, green screen, white and black sets were installed.

Several nonprofits took advantage of a 50% community discount for worthy causes. For details, see ID8.org »

HaccUp Apps

Several significant apps were birthed via our HaccUp social venture incubator model this year including:

  • ThePantry, a food bank app for clients to pre-select food items for pickup by Feeding Hawaii Together.
  • GlobalAloha, a student volunteerism app by Punahou School.
  • ActorsHI, a local performing arts talent app.
  • SumoSum, a financial forecasting app.

Got an idea for an social venture app? see HaccUp.com »

HaccUp App Development Social Venture Partnerships
Fab Five Story-Based Design Thinking
IPA Logo
Story-Based Design Thinking

Island Pacific Academy adopted our Story-Based Design Thinking Scope & Sequence Standard this year attempting to become the first secondary school in the country specializing in design-thinking.


A Lot with Little

We’re not your typical bleed-heart charity. So funding is a bit tricker to raise. And as a relatively young nonprofit, we have a lot of program building and impacts to prove. We therefore have learned to get by on a skinny budget by activating many dedicated volunteers and an active Board. Our impact numbers are beginning to trend up sharply, making numerous funding streams fall within the realm of realistic to pursue.

If you believe in the potential of our programs, please support any program or our foundation in general.

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